Enhancing healthcare access for seniors

A trip to the doctor often comes with many challenges for seniors.

A trip to the doctor often comes with many challenges for seniors.

Long waits, crowded rooms and transportation issues can make medical visits daunting. But with the rise of online consultations like Instant Consult, seniors can consult with a fully qualified online doctor and get the healthcare they need right from the comfort of their homes. This is a straightforward way of getting access to premium healthcare, especially for those facing mobility challenges.

What are online doctors?

Online doctors are qualified medical professionals who provide consultations through the internet. Instead of visiting a physical clinic, seniors can connect with them using their own devices, such as computers, tablets or smartphones. These virtual healthcare providers have the expertise to issue prescriptions, suggest treatment options and offer valuable medical advice, all through video calls or chat.

The process of an online consultation

Getting started with an online consultation is easy. Seniors or their caregivers can simply download the Instant Consult app, create an account and request a consultation. In just about 15 minutes, a fully qualified, AHPRA-accredited and Australian-registered doctor is ready for a video call.

In this consultation, the online doctor assesses the patient’s medical condition and history. Afterwards, they offer personalised advice, along with any necessary online prescriptions or online medical certificates. These important documents are sent securely via fully encrypted servers for privacy and safety. They also stay accessible in the patient’s Instant Consult app inbox until they decide to delete them.

A focus on personalised care

When it comes to seniors’ healthcare, personalised care is crucial. This is where Instant Consult stands out as a premium online consultation service.

Every interaction with Instant Consult upholds a gold standard of service and offers a professional patient journey led by fully qualified and experienced online doctors. This service is especially beneficial for seniors with complex medical histories and even sensitive conditions like erectile dysfunction. The approach is discreet, respectful and tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

Around-the-clock convenience for seniors

Accessing healthcare outside clinic hours can be a challenge for seniors. These are times when the need for medical attention doesn’t adhere to a schedule, and traditional options often fall short.

At Instant Consult, online doctors offer a 6am to midnight AEST availability every day, including public holidays. This round-the-clock availability makes healthcare more accessible and convenient for seniors, enhancing their overall wellbeing and peace of mind.

Bringing care to remote communities

Online doctors are changing the way senior healthcare is accessed and experienced. With the convenience of online consultations, seniors or their caregivers can connect with qualified medical professionals from the convenience of their smartphones, tablets or computers.

When it comes to accessibility, Instant Consult goes the extra mile for every senior in Australia, including those in rural, regional and remote communities. This commitment bridges geographical gaps and makes healthcare accessible exactly when it’s needed most.

Discover a better way to access senior healthcare

Online doctors are taking the lead in revolutionising healthcare for seniors. They offer an accessible, convenient and secure way for elderly individuals to take control of their health.

Whether it’s for routine check-ups, prescription refills or obtaining medical certificates, Instant Consult ensures that seniors have easy access to premium healthcare that fits their needs. To experience this new standard of healthcare, download the Instant Consult app today.

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