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Award-winning, cloud-based AP automation solution Lightyear is a proven “must-have” for aged care providers.

Award-winning, cloud-based AP automation solution Lightyear is a proven “must-have” for aged care providers.

In the fast-paced world of the aged care sector, maintaining financial stability can be a challenging task. Government funding often falls short of covering administration and finance expenses, and traditional manual processes can lead to many problems – including time delays, human errors, and an overwhelming administrative burden.

In the competitive digital era, aged care providers must turn to innovative solutions to streamline their financial operations. Lightyear is at the forefront of this transformation.

Save 80 per cent of your accounts payable costs

Rated five stars across all major app stores, our proprietary data extraction technology is trusted by finance teams across the globe. By automating accounts payable workflows, Lightyear simplifies and accelerates the processing of purchase orders and bills. The results are staggering, with businesses saving over 80 per cent of their costs and time, making it an essential asset for financial management in the aged care sector.

Transform bills processing

Recognising the urgent need for a game-changing solution, Curtin Heritage Living made the strategic decision to implement Lightyear. The results have been remarkable. They experienced significant improvements in their bill processing workflow as the system’s speed and accuracy have allowed their accounts team to handle the growing volume of bills effortlessly.

“We needed a solution that was fast, accessible, cost-effective, and could seamlessly integrate into our existing business,” said Curtin Heritage Living managing director David Cox. “Speed and efficiency were crucial, and Lightyear offered everything we were looking for.”

The Royce Aged Care also experienced a significant transformation after implementing Lightyear. Previously, manual data entry consumed over 20 hours monthly. Now, thanks to Lightyear, it takes less than 30 minutes. The approval process for bill payments has reduced from 10 days to two, and locating supplier bills now takes less than one minute.

“Coming from the paper world of accounting to now using Lightyear, it has transformed the business and the happiness of our accounting staff,” said Royce chief financial officer Aidan O’Flaherty. “The ability for invoices to be automatically coded, digitally stored and approved through an online platform is truly excellent. The implementation team at Lightyear were fantastic, leaving no stone unturned.”

The age-old challenges of aged care finances

With Lightyear leading the way in AP automation, aged care providers can overcome age-old financial challenges and focus on delivering the best care possible for the elderly. Real-time data insights empower businesses to make faster, smarter decisions that can help manage costs and direct resources to where they’re really needed. This agile way of working not only provides decision-makers with increased visibility on key financial data but ultimately empowers care providers to deliver improved services as a result.

With Lightyear, all supplier documents are housed in a secure cloud location, meaning no more missing, damaged or insecure documents. Line item bill data is extracted in seconds with 100 per cent accuracy, and prices are automatically checked against supplier pricelists, letting you know instantly if you have been charged correctly. For finance teams looking to control costs and manage cash flow, this is an essential tool for their kits.

By adopting Lightyear, aged care providers can achieve better financial stability, improved operational efficiency, and ultimately deliver enhanced resident care.

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