La-Z-Boy enhances seniors’ quality of life

La-Z-Boy recliners health and disability collection can have a transformative impact on seniors’ lives.

La-Z-Boy recliners’ health and disability collection can have a transformative impact on seniors’ lives.

As people age, they often encounter unique challenges, and sometimes, even the simplest tasks can become difficult. For many seniors, everyday actions like sitting down or standing up from a chair can be quite challenging.

To simplify daily life for seniors, La-Z-Boy has created a range of recliners with health and disability in mind. La-Z-Boy’s recliners for health and disability are different from ordinary chairs; they are made to offer extra assistance and comfort, which can enhance seniors’ quality of life. Let’s take a closer look at how these recliners are specifically designed to support seniors.

Relief for joints and muscles

La-Z-Boy recliners offer relief for joint and muscle pains that can trouble seniors. They come with different adjustable positions that improve blood flow and help older adults find the most comfortable way to sit, whether it’s sitting up straight, slightly reclined or fully reclined.

But the comfort doesn’t stop there. La-Z-Boy recliners also come with features like excellent support for the lower back, durable cushioning, comfortable armrests and footrests that can be positioned in multiple ways.

Personalised comfort for everyone

La-Z-Boy recliners are designed to meet the unique needs of different body types and sizes. This means that no matter the shape or height, there’s a La-Z-Boy chair that feels just right.

This is especially beneficial for seniors, who can find a chair supporting their needs. It means they can sit back, relax and enjoy hobbies like reading or watching TV without the discomfort that often comes with less accommodating chairs.

Supporting independence for seniors

Maintaining independence is crucial for seniors, and La-Z-Boy’s recliners are made to support just that. With models featuring electric lift functions, these lift chairs empower users, especially those with mobility issues or conditions like arthritis or back pain, to comfortably and safely get in and out of the chair on their own.

Some models even have tilt and lift features that can assist seniors in standing up from a seated position without strain. They not only reduce the risk of muscle strain and injury but also give seniors the freedom to navigate their living spaces more independently and comfortably.

Made for every style and space

Seniors can discover a variety of La-Z-Boy recliners, whether they prefer classic or contemporary designs. These recliners offer an extensive selection of sizes, fabric coverings and leather options to cater to their preferences for comfort, style and a seamless fit in their living spaces.

Customisable features for enhanced experience

La-Z-Boy recliners understand what seniors need for a comfy sit-down. For older adults who like a bit of movement, there are chairs that rock, glide or swivel and offer a gentle, soothing motion. There are also wall-hugger recliners that fit snugly even in smaller spaces.

For those who need a bit more room, there are bigger models, too. Some chairs can even go all the way flat, which is ideal for a peaceful nap. Power recliners are also equipped with handy features like USB chargers, cup holders and reading lights to give seniors everything they need right at their fingertips.

A recliner for every senior

La-Z-Boy understands that every senior has unique needs. With features that make life a bit easier and a lot more comfortable, these recliners are changing the way seniors relax and move around in their homes.

Browse the range of La-Z-Boy recliners to find the perfect fit for enhanced comfort and wellbeing for seniors, just in time for Christmas. Give your loved ones the gift of comfort and convenience in their golden years.

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