Navigating the nurse shortage

Unlocking AN-ACC funding with expert aged care consulting.

In the complex world of aged care, leaders face an unprecedented challenge: a severe nurse shortage that threatens both the quality of care and operational viability.

As aged care management consultants, Health Generation specialises in navigating these waters, ensuring facilities not only survive but thrive through strategic access to AN-ACC funding and effective staffing solutions.

The core challenge

The Australian aged care sector, now more than ever, needs robust service solutions to overcome the hurdles presented by the nursing shortage. This crisis puts immense pressure on facilities to meet the care requirements of our ageing population, making expert guidance not just valuable but essential.

The dual dilemma

Our industry is grappling with two critical issues that aged care consultants are uniquely positioned to address:

  • financial and staffing strain: Juggling the financial realities of running a top-tier care facility with the need for qualified staff is a tightrope walk. The often inevitable solution, turning to agency nurses, is a costly stopgap.
  • impact on care and reputation: The real-world effects of these challenges go beyond the bottom line, directly influencing the quality of care provided to residents and, by extension, the reputation of the facilities themselves.

Bridging the gap with HealthGen

HealthGen, a leader among aged care management consultants, in partnership with, introduces the Health Generation AN-ACC Funding Companion. This innovative approach offers $20K worth of free nursing care minutes (about 30 shifts), targeting the very heart of the financial and staffing quandaries that beleaguer aged care facilities.

Our pledge to the sector

This collaboration transcends traditional aged care consulting by:

  • maximising funding efficiency: Our expertise in navigating the complexities of AN-ACC funding means we’re not just advisors; we’re partners in your facility’s financial health and operational success.
  • alleviating staffing shortages: By providing 30 free registered nurse shifts, we directly bolster your staffing roster, reducing the need for expensive agency solutions and ensuring a higher level of care continuity and quality.

As the landscape of aged care continues to evolve, so too does the need for innovative, sustainable solutions. At the forefront of this evolution are and, championing a new era of care quality and financial sustainability through unparalleled aged care consulting services.

Transform your aged care facility today

The journey to overcoming the nursing shortage and unlocking the full potential of AN-ACC funding begins with the right partnership.

With HealthGen’s expertise in aged care consulting, discover how we can tailor solutions to elevate your facility’s care quality and financial efficiency. Don’t let this opportunity pass — secure a brighter future for your residents and your facility now.

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