Navigating the strengthened aged care quality standards – Standard 4

Standard 4 is to ensure the physical environment in which aged care is provided meets the needs of the individual.

In recent years, efficient and compliant managing of assets within aged care facilities and retirement villages has become of the utmost importance. If assets are not managed properly, operators face significant financial impacts as well as non-compliance with the Retirement Villages Act and the Aged Care Quality Standards.

The upcoming transition to the strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards and new Aged Care Act has put a spotlight on provider’s policies, processes and evidence requirements. The Strengthened Standard 4 Service Environment seeks to make sure older people receive care and services in a physical environment that is safe, supportive and meets their needs. The ultimate achievement will be for seniors to say that they feel safe when receiving care and services.

Asset and equipment management is a critical component of establishing this environment. Equipment needs to be safe, appropriate, and well maintained.

An asset management system is a positive strategy to comply with the strengthened requirements. An aged care facility can use the system to record equipment and include key details, such as where they are, what condition they are in, and who is responsible for maintenance.

Providers must also consider resident opinions of the assets in a true partnership model. The underlying principle is that residents need suitable assets that are well-maintained and promote an atmosphere of comfort, safety, and independence.

Further to this, the new Aged Care Act introduces the concept of “High-Quality Care”. This will require the provisioning of high-quality care in a safe and competent manner. It can be considered a breach of the Act if equipment or assets within the facility are unsafe and poorly maintained.

From the residents’ perspective, they need to have access to good quality furniture, fittings and equipment, feel safe when using them, have confidence that the workforce knows how to operate assets safely, and that the assets promote their independence and comfort.

From the perspective of the work force, assets need to be assessed regularly to ensure they are fit for purpose, ensure there is enough equipment, and that the location of each asset is known and tracked.

For the organisation, it must provide evidence of the purchase, service, maintenance renewal, and replacement of each asset, acting promptly when maintenance or repairs are required. Further, records of all maintenance and repairs of assets must be maintained and up to date at all times.

Given the sheer number of assets within aged care facilities and retirement villages, as well as the regular movement of location of assets, the use of Excel, Google Docs, and other such solutions is no longer appropriate to meet the legislative requirements. A program designed to meet operators’ needs for an efficient asset management system has become a necessity.  

Asset Journey is an asset management software developed by an experienced retirement village and aged care operator in conjunction with a global asset management company. The program was recently named Winner for ‘Innovator of the Year’ in aged services.

Asset Journey’s goal is to provide a cost-effective solution that works for both current and future asset management needs whilst also achieving compliance with any relevant industry regulations.

Asset Journey prides itself on being a software created by operators-for-operators. This is significant as Asset Journey is tailored from an operator’s point of view. We understand the complexities of the requirements of the strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards and the importance of partnering with the older person every step of the way.

Operators are finding that with Asset Journey, they can manage their assets more efficiently by knowing what assets they have, the repairs or replacements needed, the recurring tasks required and who would do them. They can easily assign jobs to their internal staff or outside contractors as well as track communications with residents to promote a model of care based around Partnership. Asset Journey provides the ability to optimise business operations and aid strategic decision making, removing guesswork.

At Asset Journey we partner with our clients from initial sign up all the way through to go live and ongoing use of the program. Ongoing dialogue and communication are key for the implementation process but also for continuous development and satisfaction of our clients.

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Date and Time: April 17, 10 am AEDT

Title: Navigating the Strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards – Standard 4 Service Environment

Presenters: Aidan O’Flaherty, Scott Restivo

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