Pioneering the future with hyper-personalised solutions

Health tech industry innovator empowers care professionals with structured patient data and informed decisions.

In the rapidly evolving health tech landscape, aged and health providers need a cutting-edge and hyper-personalised software that ticks all the boxes as opposed to something that is plug-and-play.

According to Mitchell McBeath, Chief Customer Officer at Humanetix, although off-the-shelf applications might attract Australian healthcare providers, customising software is crucial due to our industry’s complexities and regulations. Tailored solutions are imperative to meet the unique needs of our healthcare landscape. It’s vital to differentiate between basic customisation and the necessity for hyper-personalised software to suit the unique needs of healthcare providers.

Humanetix’s market-leading product ACE, has been on a transformative journey marked by rapid growth in the healthcare market and prestigious recognitions, including the InnovAus Award for Excellence in Software Innovation. As the company continues to develop new features and functionalities, they are also dedicating themselves to helping customers improve revenue and compliance outcomes while delivering first-class care.

Making a Case for hyper-personalisation

Whether in software or hardware, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Using an off-the-shelf system only leads to suboptimal workflows and hinders adherence to localised processes. Custom-built solutions, executed effectively and efficiently, not only save significant time but, more importantly, provide care professionals with a structured view of all relevant patient data, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Exploring Humanetix ACE platform’s advanced capabilities

Humanetix proudly unveils the next chapter in its journey—a chapter that introduces the seamless integration of multiple systems, including hardware, into market-leading clinical pathways. The Humanetix ACE platform stands as an intelligent workflow system tailored for today’s healthcare professionals. Beyond its core capabilities in improving compliance, increasing revenue, and delivering outstanding care, Humanetix takes pride in announcing platform enhancements that bridge the gap between hardware and software.

Their recent enhancements provide healthcare professionals with a holistic view of patient data, fostering seamless integration and optimising patient care outcomes. Today, we delve into the extraordinary capabilities of the Humanetix ACE platform, demonstrating how the infusion of data points, regardless of the system, coupled with configurability and supported by a globally patented clinical decision-making engine, yields remarkable outcomes for healthcare professionals and the care recipients’ outcomes.

These are a few examples of how care delivery can be transformed with integrated sensors, AI-enhanced progress notes, and tailored clinical pathways.

1. Pressure injury and wound management: from manual to automated

Traditionally, pressure injury prevention involved a labour-intensive process of manual tasks. Humanetix ACE introduces a revolutionary shift by seamlessly integrating Pressure Injury Sensors into clinical workflows. This integration combines real-time data with best practice care delivery, workflows, and localised procedures, significantly improving the efficacy of pressure injury prevention.

2. Wandering sensors for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease management

Wandering Sensors or Wearable Devices have the potential to redefine Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease management. Beyond mere alerts to caregivers or family members, Humanetix ACE integrates this data into best-practice care delivery workflows, ensuring a safer, more efficient, and compassionate care environment.

3. Bowel movement sensors for improved gastrointestinal health

Designed to enhance gastrointestinal health and disorder management, Bowel Movement Sensors or Toilet Sensors take centre stage in Humanetix ACE. By seamlessly integrating this data into existing care delivery workflows, Humanetix ensures real-time data is matched with established best practices, offering a proactive approach to gastrointestinal health management.

4. Artificial intelligence – enhancing progress

Breaking free from the limitations of free-text records, the AI Summarised Progress Notes unlocks vital information efficiently. Humanetix aims to translate this information into actionable alerts and triggers, accessible on user-friendly dashboards. Additionally, the platform explores the potential of leveraging AI to automatically read and generate summaries and handover notes.

As we stand at the forefront of healthcare innovation, Humanetix is not merely introducing features; we are redefining the very essence of patient care. The Humanetix ACE platform, with its diverse capabilities, is poised to set a new standard in healthcare delivery—one that is hyperpersonalised, efficient, and driven by data-driven decision-making.

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