Providers looking at tech to streamline operations

Aged care and retirement living providers are exploring technology to streamline and simplify operations.

Aged care and retirement living providers are exploring technology to streamline and simplify operations.  

As the aged care and retirement living industry continues to grow, providers are constantly looking for ways to improve their operations management, ultimately leading them to provide better care and quality services to their residents. A great solution proving quite popular to providers is using technology to help streamline their operations. Using technology such as operations management software, providers can save staff time, reduce errors, and increase staff efficiency. 

Only a few proven operations management software on the market are purpose-built specifically for residential aged care and retirement living. One easy way to find these technology suppliers is by going on search engines like Google and searching for keywords like ‘Operations Management Software in Aged Care’ or ‘Operations Management Software in Retirement Living’, and you would automatically be provided with a few suppliers in your search results. Another way is to contact other providers and check if they are using operations management software on their sites and if they would recommend it. You can also attend any industry-organised events to speak to tech suppliers and industry professionals and determine which operations management software works best for your organisation.  

While researching for a technology supplier to help streamline your operations choosing end-to-end software with a wide range of features that can digitise most of your existing paper-based processes in your aged care home or retirement village is important. Take Centrim Life as an example, an all-in-one operations management software that is a favourite amongst many aged care and retirement living providers due to how easy it is to use from the get-go and how intuitive the platform is even with non-tech-savvy staff members.  

Person Centred Software Australia, a leading global technology supplier, partnered with Centrim Life to offer aged care and retirement living providers an operations management software that has a complete range of key features supporting business and operational excellence. The app-based software is safe and secure, and it truly helps to simplify communications, activities, maintenance, dining, customer feedback and much more, all under one platform.  

There are many benefits to implementing operations management software like Centrim Life: 

  • Reduce admin: save up to 2 days per month of staff hours 
  • Greater transparency: information available in real-time 
  • Easy access: reports and documentation at the palm of your hand 
  • Better time management: operations run digitally in one place 
  • Improve staff retention: make work less stressful with an efficient tool 
  • Easy implementation: staff can use it straight away after training 
  • Unrivalled customer support: Australian-based team ensuring customers gain the best experience from the investment 

Louis Metcalf, Maintenance & IT Manager at Beauaraba Living, who has been using Centrim Life for 2 years now, participated in a recent case study about Centrim Life where he offered his thoughts about the software: 

“The maintenance team, who aren’t the most computer literate, find the software incredibly easy to use, making their jobs super simple. For example, every time a preventative maintenance job needs to be done, it will automatically show up on the system. It is also easy for them to log any information of the jobs they’ve done, which makes it easy for staff to have an overview of the progress of any ongoing maintenance at the home.”

If you would like to find out more about how Centrim Life can support your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact the team here

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