Scheduling optimisation for home and disability care

AlayaCare is harnessing artificial intelligence to create optimised algorithms that modernise staff allocation in home & disability care.

Scheduling is the lifeblood for home and aged care providers, as they work tirelessly to ensure that our loved ones receive the care they need. And organisations know that providing consistent, fully allocated shift work to their most valuable assets—their care staff—is the path to future-proofing their business.

With rising staff shortages combined with an exploding demand for care services across Australia, manual scheduling and work allocation is no longer feasible or efficient. This is why AlayaCare has tapped into artificial intelligence (AI) technology to develop Visit Optimiser, a feature built directly into their software to help providers drastically reduce the time spent on manual scheduling.

The impact of manual scheduling

For home and disability providers, staffing and scheduling have historically relied on manual processes, which are time-consuming and inefficient. Implementing optimised algorithms to automatically allocate staff to shifts has proven beneficial for providers. It ensures the skills of a worker match a client’s needs, while optimising geographic routes, and saving valuable time and resources.

As care workers often work for multiple organisations, they are increasingly using technology to maximise their schedules throughout the week. Efficient scheduling helps carers do this, and at the same time, improves staff satisfaction, and aids recruitment and retention. However, manual schedule management can lead to costly and inefficient schedules, contributing to staff turnover and workforce shortages.

With providers looking for solutions to recruit and retain staff, prevent burnout, and grow their businesses, the streamlining and optimising of scheduling processes can help to address each of these challenges.

Technology taking the wheel

We know that inconsistent hours, poor scheduling, and the lag time between hiring and deploying a new care worker, can compromise employee satisfaction. And the reality facing organisations today is that if an employee does not quickly get assigned shifts and a reasonably full work week, they will leave and go elsewhere.

That is why the right technology tools must be in place from the onboarding process, to training, and out-in-the-field app support. These self-serve tools and mobile apps provide a proven solution for maximising an organisation’s operational efficiency and a care worker’s ability to fill up their work week. And this also leads to both providers and care workers having more time to focus on delivering outstanding care.

The importance of an optimised workforce

Staffing shortages and high turnover in the care sector are fuelled by inconsistent scheduling, long travel times, inefficient routing, and limited carer support. Coordinators face the challenging task of creating schedules that suit every care worker and client. However, by tapping into an AI-powered scheduling tool like AlayaCare’s Visit Optimiser, these hurdles can be overcome efficiently.

It’s also important to note that while technology is crucial, human involvement remains essential in the scheduling process. Schedulers have valuable knowledge that often goes uncaptured in the scheduling system. By systematically entering this “inside knowledge,” onboarding can be expedited, reducing reliance on specific individuals. As data sets evolve, the technology can provide increasingly optimised decision support for schedulers, resulting in well-matched schedules and routes for care workers and clients.

Building a brighter future for the care sector

The care sector in Australia is, and always will be, people-centric – and finding and retaining care workers is critical to its success and security. To tackle this challenge, a multifaceted approach is required that combines different strategies to automate scheduling, streamline processes, and reduce staff turnover. Ultimately, the algorithm harnessed by AlayaCare in its Visit Optimiser tool is designed to improve the delivery of care – for staff, and for clients – and to drive better outcomes.

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