The 2024 guide to agile aged care

Partnering with the right software company is more important now than ever.

In navigating the dynamic landscape of Australian aged care, adaptability is paramount for organisations striving to deliver top-tier services to their communities. The software your organisation uses and the vendor supporting you are arguably more important now than ever.

Partnering with a software company that deeply understands Australian aged care and provides customer support and product development from knowledgeable staff will help you deliver the best possible care to your community.

Epicor stands as one of the leading providers of aged care software, specifically built for the Australian aged care market. Our solutions offer industry-specific reports and dashboards tailored to meet the unique needs of the aged care sector. Customisation, one of the seven key categories in assessing the suitability of your aged care software, is at the core of our offerings.

To facilitate your evaluation process, we’ve developed the seven critical categories (7 Cs) that Australian aged care organisations should meticulously consider when assessing their software solutions:

  • Client-centred
  • Compliant
  • Customised
  • Connected
  • Collaborative
  • Contextualised
  • Cybersecure

For those prioritising the enhancement of organisational agility through software integration, our eBook serves as an invaluable resource, offering profound insights to steer your decision-making process.

Don’t merely adapt—thrive—in the ever-evolving landscape of aged care. Discover how Epicor’s tailored solutions can propel your organisation towards unparalleled success in 2024 and beyond.

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