As the Tokyo Olympics gets underway, knowing what it takes to succeed at any level we choose to participate in, it is perhaps a timely reminder for us to ask the questions on our level of performance in the aged care sector:

  • Are we proud contenders as Australian providers of aged care gold standards?
  • Are you as a provider of aged care still on the starting blocks in your endeavour to deliver wellness and reablement?
  • Have we remained true to the objective of providing support that makes every opportunity matter and to engage and enable each individual to reach their independent goals?  
  • Are staff on all levels within the organisations aiming for the top level of delivery by preparing and training with the knowledge and resources required?  
  • Are our wellness and reablement implementation plans progressing toward the finish line (and beyond)? 

Supporting incremental improvement for your team

The KeepAble hub provides the latest thinking and free downloadable bespoke resources to assist organisations to take stock of progress to date and assist with the implementation of wellness and reablement into their service delivery, with the aim for providers to run and keep running their best race ever.  

To be successful contenders and achieve organisation-wide change takes determination and can pose many challenges along the way. As with any team vying to compete at the Olympics, game readiness has been achieved through incremental stages with planning, coaching, participating, and achieving small wins along the way, culminating in reaching the goal of being an enabler for every individual they have supported.

Performance at higher levels

Assisting your team with the professional tools needed to support progress to higher stages of maturity and help to embed wellness and reablement is the KeepAble hub by providing:

  • Information and links to articles on the science of ageing and the importance of promoting independence, essential for all staff to understand why ‘stepping back before stepping in’ should become the team’s mantra.
  • Templates and guides to support individual assessment and person-centred goal setting to improve confidence and wellbeing which includes a goal setting checklist to promote active participation by clients in the goal setting process.  
  • Support planning resources to ensure service delivery enables active (not passive) engagement with meaningful activities.
  • Examples of language to use during ‘strength-based’ conversations to impact clients to feel confident to achieve their goals, including positive risk-taking to maximise their independence.
  • Providing tools to measure client outcomes that promote an ‘outcome focus’ and thereby appropriately minimise the need for ongoing support. This ultimately realigns the organisations measurement of success by capturing the path of clients and their destinations. 

To kick off your training camp, visit the KeepAble hub today, review the many free resources to help get you ‘game ready’.  And don’t forget to register with the ‘Count me in’ form to become a part of the KeepAble ‘team’ assisting with ongoing development, taking part in surveys and have an input on wellness and reablement delivery.

ILA is a Western Australian not-for-profit organisation with a focus on individualised assessment, peer navigation, and community and sector capacity-building initiatives.

KeepAble was created by ILA’s Sector Support & Development (SSD) team and is one of a range of activities that the team undertakes through SSD funding from the Australian Government, Department of Health, Commonwealth Home Support Programme.