The world today is a different place due to COVID -19 impacting us all in some way. The pandemic has brought into clear focus, firstly the vulnerability that confronts every society when faced with such a worldwide threat, and secondly the importance of reducing exposure, while combat measures are being developed and implemented.

Aged care providers and their staff have been on the frontline of the battle, balancing the requirements necessary to maintain the health of the most vulnerable in our society who have been placed in their care, with ensuring the continued mental and emotional wellbeing of their clients via family contact. Repairs and maintenance as well as essential deliveries have needed to continue despite all risks.

It is now widely recognised that the elderly, both residing in formalised residential facilities as well as in the community, have suffered the most and experienced the largest number of deaths resulting from the virus. Some staff and visitors have not only caught and suffered the virus themselves, but have inadvertently exposed their residents and loved ones to infection as well.

The industry therefore needs to ensure that every effort is made to minimise, if not eliminate, the risk to such susceptible groups.

e-Tools Software has developed a “point of entry” electronic visitors management application, to enable aged care providers to monitor and document those entering and exiting their care environments. This will greatly assist in preventing potential carriers of the virus exposing vulnerable residents, staff and health care workers to infection. Providers can now introduce this as an integral part of an active outbreak management plan to meet their duty of care.

The e-Tools Visitor Management (eVM) application will:

  • monitor all entry and exit to care services
  • record visitors’ temperature results 
  • maintain the inoculation status of those attending
  • store data on date and time of entry and departure for contact tracing
  • provide a current list of all staff, visitors, volunteers and trades personnel who visit the care service
  • provide contact numbers/extensions for visitors to call on arrival
  • send automated notifications to user-determined staff members on visitor arrival
  • produce a one-use ID label to be worn by the visitor.

The data maintained can also be used for incident reporting, fire evacuation and storing key visitor details for repeat visit purposes.

Signing in and out can be done in multiple ways:

  • secure, fast access by keying in name and phone number for pre-registered or repeat visitors
  • QR code on the ID card
  • standard sign out process.

COVID-19 has highlighted the fact that future pandemics are not only possible but likely, and as such, more proactive monitoring and health checking has now become an imperative.

To further support providers, eVM links to the e-Tools Supplier Agreement (eSA) and e-Tools Staff Records Management (eSRM) applications, so that information entered or updated in these applications are automatically transferred to eVM. This enables suppliers and staff to sign in easily, have their temperature taken and answer the appropriate screening questions.

eVM will ensure providers and their staff not only take essential precautions to prevent infection, but are also able to provide records immediately, so that the necessary follow up actions can be taken, should an infection occur.

For more information and a demonstration of this application, please contact e-Tools Software here.