For residential aged care providers, managing enquiries, resident movements and funding is an essential component of their business. But many organisations rely on outdated and disconnected systems to manage this process.

Telstra Health’s Resident Manager software is helping independent living and residential aged care providers to easily manage their lead and enquiry process, resident leave and departures, as well as their funding management – all while sending relevant information to an integrated clinical solution and to Services Australia.

Supporting independent living providers

To meet the increasing demand for support services, more providers are offering independent living solutions in conjunction with traditional aged care facilities. Resident Manager includes specially designed features to support the Australian independent living sector, including enquiry and lead management, occupancy and unit management, coordination of leave, transfers and departures, as well as detailed financial reporting capabilities.

One source of truth

For providers with independent living and aged care facilities, an individual’s information can flow seamlessly as residents move into the providers’ respite or permanent residential aged care facility. When implemented as part of Telstra Health’s residential aged care solution, facility resident information is automatically populated within the Clinical Manager software upon admission to reduce data entry and ensure there is one single source of truth.

This flow of information reduces duplicate data entry and helps to minimise the likelihood of funding rejections or errors, as the software cross-checks resident information across Resident Manager, Clinical Manager, and Services Australia.

Streamline funding and billing management

From a funding management perspective, resident admission, leave and departure information is sent to Services Australia as these events occur. This process allows providers to easily finalise the end of month claim with Services Australia and help to reconcile variances in resident funding amounts.

Resident Manager captures all residents’ financial details, fees and charges, so that billing information can be exported from the software into a provider’s financial solution. A preconfigured billing integration between Resident Manager and TechnologyOne’s finance software is also available, enabling the real-time flow of data between the two systems.

Enhancing transparency and reporting capabilities

With the Federal Government’s acceptance of the majority of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s recommendations, once the new Aged Care Act is introduced, it is likely to emphasise increased reporting, visibility and transparency, and the adoption of electronic systems.

Resident Manager helps to increase facility-wide visibility via a dashboard that displays key data, such as occupancy rates, supported resident figures and respite days, to help ensure facility information is up-to-date and highly visible.

The software features room, organisation and facility management tools, as well as a number of operational reports, to enable providers to easily export and analyse data for organisational and government reporting purposes.

Supporting Australian aged care providers

With the new Aged Care Act changes approaching, many providers are looking for a software partner that prioritises Australian legislative and industry changes and provides support and training onshore. Telstra Health is proudly Australian owned and operated, delivering software that is locally cloud-hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Resident Manager’s architecture is based on modern microservices which can scale up as an organisation’s workload and resident numbers increase. The solution employs multiple layers of security to help keep your data safe.

Award winning application

Resident Manager is one of the few facility management solutions in aged care that can integrate with a clinical care system, a finance system, and with Services Australia; helping providers perform more of their role seamlessly with one platform.

Resident Manager successfully won the Victorian state iAward in the category of Business Service Markets, and was honoured as a Merit recipient at the National iAwards in 2019.

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