How to: create workforce management efficiencies with technology

Find out how to increase revenue, save on labour costs and guarantee compliance.

Designed to manage the complexities of the aged care sector, Ento is an all-in-one workforce management solution that helps aged care providers drive better outcomes for compliance and profitability. A trusted software partner to over 1,500 businesses over the past 15 years, Ento has deep expertise in working with organisations that employ shift-based workforces, including the aged care sector.

With increased pressure around digital transformation and reform to the sector sparking change, it’s more important than ever that aged care providers seek efficient solutions across operations. It’s software like Ento that can help to achieve this for your organisation.

Manage shifts in moments and ensure compliance with smart rostering

Getting rostering right is crucial in ensuring high quality care. Relying on paper, spreadsheets or whiteboards can lead to risky errors. Ento’s intuitive rostering features help busy rostering managers build, manage and edit rosters fast. Recognising the standards required to provide quality aged care, rostering in Ento keeps roles, qualifications, sites and availability front of mind.

For services looking to upgrade existing rostering software, Ento’s Demand Driven Rostering gives organisations the insights needed to optimise costs. The feature takes existing data sources – from bookings or attendance systems for example – and combines it with Ento’s AI to predict demand. Demand forecasting means providers have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Leave no room for errors with precise time and attendance

The administrative burden of correcting inaccurate timesheets can quickly add up for employees working in rostering and payroll. Ento’s time and attendance features offer precise time tracking via the Time Clock app that can run on any smartphone or tablet. For those running multi-site operations, staff-managed clock ins with GPS tagging gives management peace of mind when validating timesheets, as experienced by Australian Family Care:

“Ento is centralised and therefore benefits a multi-site business. The system has assisted to reduce payroll processing time, increase compliance and diligence in attendance management.”

Kevin Grey, CEO, Australian Family Care

Stay on top of employee information with centralised digital onboarding and workflows

With demand for skilled workers increasing by the year, there’s a pressing need to attract, engage and onboard new hires seamlessly. For providers looking to hire and onboard staff quickly, Ento’s customisable onboarding and workflows feature can facilitate this process digitally. Qualification, training and vaccination information can be captured and maintained in one spot with easy automation for role changes, casual rehiring and offboarding.

Sync Ento with your existing systems through powerful integrations

For centres with established payroll, finance and HR systems, digital tools offer an opportunity to create process efficiencies, reducing time spent on admin. Through Ento, organisations can integrate their rostering, employee and human resources data between platforms.

Many customers have benefited from the visibility and insight Ento has provided to make informed decisions, including the team at Atlantis Childcare Group who has reduced their labour costs by 4.5 per cent over the last two years:

“It was a huge cost to process payroll and was such a waste of someone’s expertise & experience. Since implementing Ento, we’ve more than doubled our workforce and added 5 new locations, but have managed to significantly reduce our payroll processing time.”

Ian Harvey, General Manager

Digitally enabled processes provide an opportunity for aged care providers to deliver tangible business outcomes. Software like Ento helps relieve the pressures of manual processes, saving on labour costs and freeing up staff to focus on tasks where their time and expertise is better spent.

To learn more about digital solutions for workforce management, download our guide or speak to the Ento team today.

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