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Latest phone technology delivers added security at home

The new VTech CareLine phone range includes technology to enable older people to screen house callers from their landline phone.

For added safety and security, VTech, a global leader in telephony, has developed a VSmart audio doorbell accessory that is compatible with CareLine cordless home phones.

Using the two-way doorbell, an older person or retirement living resident can answer someone at the door on their handset before deciding whether to let the visitor in or not.

The phone base, handset and extension ringer (if one is paired) all chime when the front doorbell is pressed.

A conference call function also allows the older person to call in a family member or neighbour if they are unsure of what they should do or say to a visitor at their door.

When the older person is not home, the doorbell may be diverted automatically to a pre-programmed number to ensure no visitors are missed.

Doorbell calls can also be diverted if an older person is suspicious of the visitor at their house.

“The call divert function allows the user to divert the doorbell call in two ways – either as soon as the doorbell is pressed, for example in the event they are away from home, or if the user decides they do not wish to answer the doorbell, such as at night time,” said Mark Franklin, Managing Director at VTech Telecommunications Australia.

For older people living alone, the ability to easily dial in a neighbour or family member for help when there is a knock at the door provides an additional layer of protection and reassurance.

The option to decline a doorbell call gives the older person control in their home environment and supports them to manage nuisance or unwanted calls.

The VTech 17450 CareLine DECT6.0 Cordless Telephone with VSmart is available in single and two handset packs at major retailers across Australia including Big W, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi, with special offers included on accessories.

For more information on the CareLine product range, as well as stockists, visit the VTech website.

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