The Team at KeepAble has set out to present facts and information about the science of ageing well and the importance of creating opportunities for consumers of aged care services to continue doing the things they enjoy and to live better for longer. This aligns with one of the systemic problems of the sector highlighted by the 2021 Aged Care Royal Commission – “Assumptions about the natural process of ageing may contribute to a lack of attention to prevention and reablement”.

Dispelling assumptions with facts

The resource hub aims to dispel these assumptions by providing related information on the science of healthy ageing and its interface with wellness and reablement approaches in a format and language easily accessible and applicable for aged care providers, consumers, and their families. The Team believes that by raising awareness and increasing sector understanding, there is a greater possibility that attitudes and practice will change. A more preventative approach using reablement will become core business within the sector.

Research estimates that only around 25-30% of age-related decline is due to genetics, the rest (over 70%) being linked to lifestyle choices. Providers of aged care services are well placed to improve and support a consumer’s functional ability and promote healthy lifestyle choices by ensuring every opportunity is given to regain or maintain a person’s capability. 

Whilst a better understanding of the ageing journey and the science of ageing well is a fundamental step in breaking down attitudes and one which will assist the embedding of reablement into organisational culture, it will also take belief and determination across all levels of the business.

“It needs the belief that every person, regardless of age or disability, has a right to fulfil their physical, mental and spiritual potential, no matter where they are on life’s journey.” 

We know there is already an abundance of information available regarding the benefits of healthy behaviours as we age such as the ‘use it or lose it’ war cry, but the lack of association between these healthy ageing messages and the delivery of aged care service persists. The information and resources on the KeepAble hub provide a conduit to bridge this disconnection. For some organisations, it may take a realignment on a strategic level, or taking stock of what has been achieved to date and where to from here, but wherever your organisation is on the continuum, KeepAble provides relevant information and support material  to assist with the endeavour.

Getting down to business

The hub is full of free downloadable resources for every level of the organisation, including a PowerPoint presentation for Board members, an organisational road map, planning for reporting, goal setting and support planning with consumers or coaching sessions with staff.

It also profiles consumer stories sharing their experiences including how even a small change can have a big impact to improve quality of life. 

The KeepAble team invites you to join them to inform, consult and assist with the continued development of information and resources – together we can break the barriers down and ensure every opportunity does matter.

Visit the KeepAble hub today and register on the ‘Count me in’ form to become involved with KeepAble ongoing development and have your say on wellness and reablement.

ILA is a Western Australian not-for-profit organisation with a focus on individualised assessment, peer navigation, and community and sector capacity-building initiatives.

KeepAble was created by ILA’s Sector Support & Development (SSD) team and is one of a range of activities that the team undertakes through SSD funding from the Australian Government, Department of Health, Commonwealth Home Support Programme.