ACIITC outlines pathway for CARE-IT recommendations

The ACIITC has developed an action plan outlining a pathway forward for its CARE-IT report.

The aged care sector’s technology peak body has developed an eight-point action plan to progress the recommendations to improve providers’ technology capabilities.

With funding from the Department of Health, the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council assessed the sector’s digital maturity in 2020 and produced the Capabilities in Aged and Community Care Readiness an Evaluation of Innovation and Technology (CARE-IT) report, which made nine recommendations to achieve a more sustainable and high-quality industry.

ACIITC’s National Home Care Group chair Anne Livingstone provided an update on the progression of the recommendations to delegates at the ITAC conference on Wednesday.

She said they have created eight priority areas to target starting with a five-year project to undertake components of the CARE-IT survey nationally and annually starting June 2021, she said.

Anne Livingstone

“We’re keen to continue doing this survey in a refined way. It was a big survey [and a] pretty big requirement for people to fill it out. We’re going to hopefully drill down on issues that we know are critically important to do like rural and remote, specifically looking at particular technologies and change,” Ms Livingstone told ITAC Virtual 2021.

Secondly, the ACIITC is working with the Department of Health to co-design a roadmap of business-to-government improvements.

“We also believe there’s a need to work with governments to identify the priorities and we’re actively involved in that,” she said.

The ACIITC’s other action steps include:

  • a workshop to identify priorities and considerations to develop a strategic plan to advance digital maturity
  • a national roundtable on return on investment and investment considerations  in regards to developing in industry innovation fund
  • actively working on the first stage scoping of the Aged Care Centre for Growth and Translational Research
  • working with several stakeholders including Swinburne University to support the development of a National Network of Aged and Community Care Living Labs to co-design new innovative service models, workforces and tele-technologies
  • working with peak bodies to identify opportunities for economic recovery programs focused on national advanced technology solutions.

Ms Livingstone said two projects have been scoped that have significant economic potential.

As part of the final priority action area, she said the ACIITC is meeting regularly with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to review the quality standards through a technology and innovation lens.

“We hope to announce some projects coming up in this year to working with the commission to see that in fruition,” Ms Livingstone said.

The ITAC Virtual 2021 took place on 23 – 24 March.

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