Information and communications technology is central to almost everything these days, including operating and working in residential aged care homes.

Is your organisation using ICT as effectively as it could be to ensure smooth operations and quality care? The next edition of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine is going to delve into best-practice IT in aged care today and the coming years.

Key topics for ICT in aged care include:

  • developing and implementing a technology roadmap
  • digital device and infrastructure trends
  • data-driven care and operations
  • security and privacy.

Clinical education

From online to face-to-face, in-house or outsourced, there are many options for delivering compulsory and other educational units to staff who are providing care and support to aged care residents.

Next issue, we will ask educators and providers about the media and strategies they are using to effectively ensure residential aged care staff are getting the information and skills they need to deliver quality care.

Infection control

The 2022 Federal Budget includes $37 million for two years to support more aged care nurses to access infection prevention and control leadership training – illustrating the ongoing importance of this core area during and after the pandemic.

We will speak to experts about evidence-based infection prevention and control measures for frontline aged care workers to employ to ensure quality and safe care and homes.

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