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Assess your facility’s performance against aged care standards while on the go with this new app from the accreditation agency.

Above: The Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency’s Results and processes guide is now available in an app

Checking your facility complies with aged care standards is now even easier as the accreditation agency’s ‘bible’ goes mobile. 

The Results and processes guide used by Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency assessors is now available as a free app for Apple and Android mobile devices.

The app was developed to make it easier to access compliance information, said Mark Brandon, Accreditation Agency CEO.

“The keyword search function means that users will be able to quickly find what they need while they are on-the-go,” Mr Brandon said.

Like the online and printed versions, the mobile edition of the guide outlines information needed to assess an aged care facility’s performance against the standards.

The app is easy to navigate and contains the introduction to guide, full wording of for each of the standards, expected outcomes for each of the 44 standards, and phone and email contacts for Aged Care Accreditation Agency offices.

To download the app, or find out more, visit the Results and processes app for iPhone and Android devices page on the agency’s website. 

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