A survey of healthcare workers has found many feel tired, stressed and burnt out and one in four are struggling to feel engaged with their work.

The survey, commissioned by Microsoft as it updates its digital workplace platform, questioned frontline workers and managers in four industry sectors including healthcare, including 149 frontline staff and 105 managers.

It found both sides experienced similar workplace pressures – the top three being managing health and well-being, fatigue and workload, and dealing with deadlines.

The survey also found while healthcare workers were committed to their job, 26 per cent said they didn’t feel engaged in the workplace.

Pressures of healthcare workers and managers

  • Managing health and wellbeing (77 per cent of workers; 68 per cent of managers)
  • Fatigue and workload (75; 66)
  • Deadlines (71; 68)

Increased use of up-to-date technology could help alleviate many pressures felt by workers, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Lead Ian Heard said.

The results showed a disconnect between frontline workers and management, he told Community Care Review.

“It was really indicating a firstline leadership connectivity issue,” he said.

“Employee engagement goes right to the heart of an organisation, particularly in the health care sector where patients’ lives and health are on the line.

“For healthcare providers, employee engagement and satisfaction are closely linked to patient satisfaction. A passionate, connected and engaged firstline promotes positive patient care and propels an organisation forward.”

According to the survey, 40 per cent of frontline workers said they had limited access to the latest technologies and half the healthcare workers surveyed said they would used devices to increase workplace engagement and satisfaction.

The release of survey coincides with the launch of new capabilities in the tech giant’s Microsoft Teams workplace platform.

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