Experts with case studies that demonstrate successful telehealth delivered to scale or technology that promises to deliver true value to healthcare are being sought for next year’s Australian Telehealth Conference (ATC).

The annual HISA event brings together clinicians from primary care, acute care, rural medical associations, nurses and high level executives passionate about telehealth and aims to influence the health reform agenda to achieve large scale telehealth adoption throughout Australia.

ATC 2016, which will take place 28-29 April in Sydney, is looking at new and emerging service and business models through the application of telehealth that can transform and “tear down the walls in healthcare” to move telehealth from the margins to the mainstream, according to the conference organisers.

They are seeking:

  • practical case studies that are building scale in telehealth, as well as emerging new business models and service platforms;
  • the latest applications in virtual doctor appointments/consultations, patient engagement and the monitoring of health (mHealth);
  • technologies that can be demonstrated to show how virtual, mobile and digital technology is being introduced into hospital settings, primary care, aged care, allied health, community care settings, as well as into the home.

See here for more.

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