Government app offers Australian-specific health advice

Healthdirect Australia has launched a free mobile app with three tools to give Australians clinically sound information to help them make health decisions safely and quickly.

healthdirect app MENUHealthdirect Australia has launched a free mobile app with three tools to give Australians clinically sound and locally appropriate information to help them make health decisions safely, quickly and easily.

The app has been developed in response to the high number of health-related internet searches carried out in Australia each week, most of which point to overseas websites, according to Healthdirect, the government-funded health service that provides support via its website and helpline.

The new tool aims to help Australians find reliable advice, locate the nearest health service, such as an open GP or pharmacy, or be prepared for an emergency situation.

healthdirect app FIND A HEALTH SERVICEThe app has has the backing of all Australian governments and includes:

  • a symptom checker and advice tool
  • a service finder
  • a trusted information search function
  • latitude and longitude coordinates

The symptom checker guides people through a set of questions to help them better understand their symptoms and receive advice on what to do next, whether it is self-care or seeing a health professional.

The app displays latitude and longitude coordinates that can be relayed to emergency service operators. All information in the app is sourced from Australia’s leading health organisations and has undergone a quality assurance check.

healthdirect app TRUSTED INFORMATIONHealthdirect Australia general manager digital services Anton Donker said people wanted health information quickly and easily.

“Our new app provides that advice to people right in their pocket or purse. It has undergone a strict quality assurance process so people can be confident the information is safe, appropriate and relevant,” Mr Donker said.

“Our decision to invest in a mobile app was made easy by the increasing number of Australians moving to mobile as their preferred communication platform. It’s a natural evolution to our healthdirect service, as our core role is to help people manage their own health through use of innovative technology.”

Search for “healthdirect” in app stores.

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