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GPS SmartSole

Australian remote assistive technology company mCareWatch has launched a trackable shoe insert designed for people prone to wandering as well a new version of its flagship product, the SOS Mobile Watch.

The GPS SmartSole, a shoe insert developed by GTX Corp in the United States, contains a tracking chip that sends a signal to a central monitoring website or mobile app via a mobile network showing the wearer’s location.

Being able to be slipped easily into a shoe, the design aims to reduce the risk of a person with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia removing the technology.

Carers can see the location of the wearer via a monitoring dashboard. When the wearer wanders off, exits a pre-set geo-fence or becomes lost, the technology can send an alert to carers by text message or email with a link to a map showing the wearer’s location.

The GPS Smart Sole, which is available in trim-to-fit sizes for men and women, costs $499 plus an activation fee and ongoing service plan.

mCareWatch 3G on wrist

mCareWatch has also recently launched the third generation SOS Mobile Watch (right) with updated technology and features including:

  • mobile phone capability
  • SOS emergency alarm button
  • non-movement alert
  • pedometer
  • carer’s dashboard
  • geo-fence tracking

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  1. I am a care co-ordinator for Home care packages and have a client who has dementia. We are trying to source the sole tracker for him so he is able to take walks with his dogs on the beach, iam having difficult trying to find where i can buy them within australia

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