Have a say in the future of aged care

The organisers of the 21st Annual Tri-State Conference in 2012 are calling for stakeholder submissions now.

Aged care is spinning towards a progressive future and next years’ 21st Annual Tri-State Conference will discuss how.

Stakeholders with ideas to share are being invited to submit abstract presentations, with finalists selected on their ability to demonstrate theory, practice and case studies as well as showing a degree of individuality and the ability to transpose to other aged and community care settings.

The presentations should focus on what ‘the future service delivery of aged care will look like and how the industry can deliver new directions of service provision to a diverse and ageing population.’

Submissions must be receieved by no later than Friday 7 October, and should address any of the following key topics of interest including:

– Successful workforce recruitment and development initiatives
– Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI)
– New housing models and alternative accommodation options
– Delivering culturally and linguistically appropriate services
– Mental health
– Challenges of aged care in rural and remote areas
– Technological systems for improving services, efficiency and quality care
– Enhancing the public image of the industry
– Socialisation and community engagement programs

For more information on topics and how to register, click here.

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