A web-based aged care jobs portal launched today will tackle Western Australia’s aged care labour shortage head on.

The Aged and Community Services of WA (ACSA) portal serves as a central point where WA providers can advertise positions and job seekers can find out information about the sector and apply for jobs.

It features video testimonials from people working in the sector and an overview of lifestyle opportunities in the West.

ACSWA CEO, Stephen Kobelke said the idea for the portal emerged at a time when WA providers were experiencing unprecedented recruitment conditions.

“My colleagues on the east coast have spoken about a skills shortage but during that three to four year boom period in WA, we simply had a human labour shortage,” he said.

“The rest of Australia probably didn’t understand what was happening here. Our members had never seen anything like it before.”

Mr Kobelke said the tight labour market had “eased off” over the past 18 months but he believes the situation will intensify soon.

Late last year, the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry predicted the state would face a shortfall of 150,000 workers over the next 10 years.

The association sees the portal as an important tool for sourcing aged care employees from interstate and overseas.

“It’s just one plank among a number of initiatives we are working on but this is a key step because we are going to market aged care, in WA and beyond,” Mr Kobelke said.

“The portal is a reference for people who want more information – it’s a communication tool which helps people to take their interest further.”

ACSWA also plans to launch a book for members with 50 tips and strategies for improving staff retention.

Click here to see the ACSWA jobs portal.

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