Home monitoring solution launched

The touch-based digital home monitoring and socialisation tool mySmartCare, which features wireless telehealth and activity sensors and video chat capability, has recently been launched by mySmartCTI.

By Natasha Egan

Australian company mySmartCTI has launched a touch-based digital home monitoring and socialisation tool in Australia known as mySmartCare.

The system uses wireless telehealth and activity sensors in the home to alert family members if something is not right and a touchscreen interface with capability for users to video Skype and send messages. 

The technology comes from US organisation GrandCare Systems, which develops technology to help elderly people remain in their home.

It has appointed mySmartCTI, whose core business is helping organisations create energy and resource-efficient environments, to distribute the technology solution in Australia.

Managing director Peter Garrett said mySmartCTI was proud to be able to deliver a solution that assists older Australians who wish to remain at home and gives peace of mind to families.

“The system has been designed to be extremely easy to use for people who are not computer literate and should not be in any way intimidating to them,” Mr Garrett said.

“As the users get more comfortable using the screen for the basics, additional modules of the system may be activated.”

Features include automatic monitoring and recording of vitals, such as blood pressure, glucose levels and weight, and daily living monitoring including medication and fridge access, sleeping patterns and door monitoring.

Social connection elements include games, weather, news reports and one touch video calls.

The user must use the supplied mySmartCare Touchscreen, which Mr Garrett said is central to the solution.

“This touchscreen has been chosen due to its large size and a design which easily lends itself to use in more structured environments such as independent living units or low care facilities,” he said.

The screen is connected to an Australian based server via the internet and may be connected to a number of sensors including presence detectors, temperature sensors, sensor pads and reed switches.

“All of the other devices such as blood pressure cuffs, scales, bed pressure sensors are part of the mySmartCare offer as they have been chosen for their compatibility with our system.”

While the solution will not run on a client’s existing touch screen device, in the future it may be possible to link the client’s devices to the main touch screen in a ‘master/slave’ scenario, Mr Garrett said.

Users pay for the service via a plan based pricing structure similar to mobile phones. Options include purchasing the system outright with an ongoing monthly care service fee or paying a lower upfront fee with a higher contracted monthly care service fee.

Package options include a basic solution with the touch screen and a number of motion sensors and additional packages for bed sensors, scales or blood pressure cuffs and so on.

For more information see: mySmartCare

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