Latest assistive technology for aged care

The next edition of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine is putting the spotlight on assistive technology, leadership development and directions in clinical care.

From physical devices to smart systems, assistive technology has an important role in assisting aged care residents with their daily activities and maximising the quality of their lives.

The next edition of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine will highlight the latest and greatest tools and devices that aged care homes are using to improve residents’ mobility, safety, wellbeing and quality of life.

Assistive technology includes:

  • smart technology, such as sensor and monitoring systems
  • apps and mobile devices
  • mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and lifters
  • design features such as grabrails and mats.

Leadership development

We all know that leaders are a key ingredient in the smooth operation of aged care homes and organisations. They also play an important role in creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture.

But it is also true that leaders are made. Not everyone is born with the talent that makes them an effective leader, but they can learn.

Next issue we look at proven ways to help current and future aged care leaders develop the skills they need to thrive in this fast-paced and changing industry.

Directions in clinical care

Covid has proven that telehealth can be effective for assisting with clinical diagnosis, care and follow up in residential aged care in times of crisis and the everyday.

Next issue we cover this and other new and best-practice directions for supporting the clinical care of residents, such as with continence, wound and chronic disease management, palliative care, rehabilitation and hearing and vision impairment.

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