National e-med management plan

The AIITC is developing a plan to implement a national medication solution in the next few years.

A national project could see aged care facilities across the country benefiting from electronic prescribing and medication management by 2013.

The Aged Care Industry IT Council is currently developing a strategy for implementing a secure repository GPs, pharmacists and aged care facilities would be able to access.

If further funding is forthcoming, the implementation of the new system would occur over a relatively short timeframe throughout 2012 and early 2013.

ACIITC spokesperson and Aged Care Association Australia (ACAA) CEO, Rod Young said the project would deliver a market ready solution.

“We have had a number of trials,” he said. “Various organisations have already proved that electronic medical management and electronic prescribing are feasible.

“There have been enough pilots – now we are ready to implement.”

The proposed solution will be vendor agnostic and will meet the specifications set by the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA).

The project will develop a common electronic medication chart with notifications and alerts that will reduce the risk of administration errors.

It is hoped that the introduction of electronic medication management in residential aged care would lead to a reduction in unnecessary hospitalisations, improved efficiency and better health outcomes.

Mr Young said GPs, pharmacists and aged care facilities are keen to embrace electronic medication management.

“There are high levels of support form the industry and they want to proceed as soon as possible,” he said.

The ATIIC has received Commonwealth funding for the initial feasibility study and it will report to the Department of Health and Ageing by 30 June.

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