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The electronic Home Care Package (eHCP) application

The newest addition to the e-Tools suite of software targets the community care sector and has been designed to help providers create and manage home care agreements as per government requirements.

The electronic Home Care Package (eHCP) is a fully-integrated web-based application that facilitates the creation of consumer directed care plans, service plans, consumer budgets and service delivery schedules for suppliers.

The software creates its own home care package agreement and generates compliant consumer and provider statements.

eHCP was formally released on 1 July but it is in a constant state of evolution with customer feedback informing regular updates that benefit all users, said David Powis, managing director of e-Tools.

A key feature of eHCP is the dynamically costed care plan, Mr Powis told Technology Review at the ACSA/IAHSA joint conference in Perth, where he introduced the program to delegates.

“As you create the care plan it costs against the budget so you can see exactly where you stand with every service you put in there. Each time you change or update the budget it has a fully-dynamic budget entry payment and projected budget,” he said.

On getting sign-off on the home care agreement at the initial meeting, Mr Powis said the home care coordinator can take a hard copy of the signature page to the client to sign then scan the documents back into the eHCP.

All consumer information, documentation and case notes are stored in a single place with all changes tracked, archived and easily accessible by clicking a link, he said.

Other features of eHCP include:

  • automatic alert for the annual package review
  • waitlist management
  • CDC and non-CDC agreement templates auto-populated and embedded in the software
  • automatic update of fees and charges
  • ability to view and manage the financial position of all packages in a single report
  • government claim report

Currently more suited to use on a laptop, a cut-down app version of eHCP for mobile devices is under consideration, said Mr Powis, who added he had a number of future apps in mind including portals for staff and consumers.

He said e-Tools follows a one app, one task framework so function was very clear and precise.

“The key things we look at are compliance, resource management and viability. If we can tick all three then we are helping all our clients,” Mr Powis said.

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