New telecare centre in Qld

The assistive technology demonstrator in Ipswich is open to health professionals and family carers.

A new demonstrator facility in Ipswich has been launched to showcase the latest forms of assistive technology.

An initiative of Ipswich Community Aid and Tunstall Healthcare, the TLC Centre is open to industry professionals and family carers.

The centre is organised into a series of focus areas that explore different care issues such as falls, dementia, sensory impairment and many others.

Each area demonstrates how technology can be used to manage the condition in the home.
The CEO of Ipswich Community Aid, Erik Jansink said telecare had come along way in recent years.

“Now up to 36 peripherals can be attached to one telecare unit,” he said. “In an aged care facility that means it can be used for 36 different residents or if it is one person in their home, they can have up to 36 functions running simultaneously.

“It can control anything from the door sensors to making sure that the lights come on when the person arises from their bed.

“It’s a lot more comprehensive than safety monitoring now…It’s a very comprehensive package that we have got in the demonstrator.”

Mr Jansink said the devices on display had the potential to deliver significant advantages to care organisations and older people living independently.

“It’s certainly going to keep them safer in their homes,” he said. “They will be able to live in situ without having to have a lot of professional people on site.

“And as a service provider it means that you don’t need to send people out unnecessarily. You can triage those clients who need assistance and get better bang for your buck.”

The launch of the assistive technology demonstrator follows on from a telehealth trial conducted by Ipswich Community Aid and Tunstall.

The 18-month trial measured the benefits of monitoring vital signs on a daily basis for people with cardiac, respiratory, endocrine and other chronic conditions.

At the moment, there is almost no funding support for older people who access telecare devices but Ipswich Community Aid provides products to its clients at a subsidised rate.

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