New watch with real-time tracking and fall detection

Tunstall Healthcare has launched a new generation of its emergency response watch with additional features including real-time GPS tracking and fall detection.

Tunstall watch appearance (with icon)Tunstall Healthcare has launched a new generation Find-Me Tunstall Watch with enhanced capabilities including real-time GPS tracking and fall detection.

Other new features of the watch include rapid magnetic charging for longer lasting batteries, an automatic alert when a fall is detected, an auto-presence alert to ensure the device is active and in-range, and it is water resistant.

The device contains a personal response system, 3G/NextG capability for open voice communication and an unobtrusive panic alert.

The watch, which can be monitored by Tunstall’s 24-hour response centre, can be tailored to suit an individual and adapted as their needs change. It allows two-way conversation between the client and a trained operator at the monitoring centre, or alternatively, their carer, according to Tunstall.

It is also possible to add geo-fencing and create safe zones. Using GPS location details and real-time tracking, an operator can locate the wearer and direct responders to the precise location.

The Find-Me Tunstall Watch is designed to assist older people, people living with dementia, and anyone else who wants extra reassurance while at home, work and out in the community including people who work alone, travel regularly, or work in potentially hazardous environments, said Tunstall.

The new watch is expected to be available in Australia and New Zealand by Christmas 2015.

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  1. Hi Ruth,

    The story is from five years ago, so the product has undoubtedly been superceded. You might go to their website and see their current offerings.

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