Small to medium-sized not-for-profit organisations can access the latest voice and data technology, including networking, IT, and cloud-based software with the help of a new product launched by the not-for-profit aggregated buying group Church Resources.

Members can select all or parts of the Office in a Box program depending on their current specific needs, which they can determine by a four-step process, according to Church Resources.

The Office in a Box package includes:

  • the ability for small to medium NFPs to build a Wide Area Network (WAN) one site at a time
  • free calls to all sites on the network with a complete phone directory
  • ability for staff and volunteers to work from any location, including home
  • unlimited Internet access
  • NBN-ready and cloud-enabled equipment
  • option to add video conferencing and voice conferences
  • a single service and a single pay account.

The lines between telecommunications and computer technology continue to blur making it a challenge for many smaller not-for-profits to identify the most suitable voice and data package, said Mark Hopcroft, general manager, brand and product development at Church Resources.

Office in a Box aims to make the process simpler and easier and assist organisations without internal IT resources to bridge the gap to up-to-date technology, he said.

“With Optus as our preferred partner, Church Resources has an intimate knowledge of the design and types of ICT services that small to medium not-for-profits require. Using our knowledge and feedback from the NFP sector, we have built Office in a Box to provide a complete suite of products to our members at an affordable rate,” Mr Hopcroft said.

Membership is free and available to all complying not-for-profit businesses.

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