Paperless aged care: what you need to know

Our next issue of AAA magazine puts a focus on digitising aged care along with online professional development opportunities and outbreak management.

From workforce management to clinical governance, hospitality services, client portals and frontline care, aged care is increasingly going digital.

In the forthcoming May-June edition of Australian Ageing Agenda we will set out what you need to know about how aged care organisations are becoming paperless.

We talk to experts and various providers about the digital systems that are helping organisations achieve efficiencies in a range of areas and deliver better care outcomes.

Our report looks at:

  • the key areas of clinical and business operations being digitised
  • how providers are choosing the right services for them
  • the challenges of going digital and how to manage them
  • reaping the benefit of digitised aged care

We also report on what organisations are doing with all that data that comes with digitisation.

Our coverage looks at how big data can aged care providers get an edge and improve their service delivery in the increasingly competitive environment.

From better understanding demographics in an area to identifying niche groups and potential clients, big data offers a range of potential benefits for aged care providers.

Online learning

Elsewhere, we look at professional development as one way to to promote career pathways, which studies show are beneficial for staff retention.

We hear from education providers as well as participants of online and distance education programs who are seeking to upskill and create new career opportunities.

Outbreak management

With winter approaching, we will also look at outbreak management.

Last year’s flu season resulted in a government review of facility infection control practices and an investigation into boosting vaccination rates among workers.

We update on the latest evidence-based practice and the findings of these government-ordered initiatives.


As always, we’ll also report on a facility-based aged care solution using the latest technologies that aims to improve staff workflow, resident care and facility operations.

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