Positive culture key to engaging staff

Person-centred organisations and positive culture within the workplace are among the ways to retain and attract the aged care workforce, a technology in aged care has heard.

Person-centred organisations and positive culture within the workplace are among the ways to retain and attract the aged care workforce, a conference on technology in aged care heard last week.

One of the biggest issues in aged care is attracting workers into the sector, said Michael Maher, CEO of Aged Care Development Network, a member-based organisation for aged care workers.

“No matter what report you read on our industry, we’re need a lot more workers in the sector than we currently have,” Mr Maher told delegates at the ITAC 2018 Conference in Adelaide last week.

With limited staff entering the sector, it is important for aged care providers to attract and retain the staff they do have by becoming more person centred, Mr Maher said.

“If you want to attract, engage and retain the best people moving forward, you need to become a person-centred organisation.

“Traditional organisations sit in the middle, where they are internally focuses and create a silo around themselves,” Mr Maher said.

He said providers needed to recognise that work was only one part of their staff members’ lives, and they needed to adapt the work environment to suit the needs of individuals.

Mr Maher said employers could implement technology systems that enabled greater connectivity between staff and the organisation.

Elsewhere at the conference, Microsoft strategic engagements Leon Wright said workplaces needed to drive cultural transformation to keep employees engaged.

He told the conference that Microsoft have transformed their corporate culture to attract staff by allowing them to have the opportunity to grow.

“At Microsoft, we are encouraged to go out and try new things, and you’re going to get stuff wrong. But it is OK, and you don’t get penalised for it,” Mr Wright told the ITAC 2018 Conference.

“Go and try 10 things, but get eight right,” he said.

Mr Wright said this enabled staff to give new things a go, which “creates a culture of innovation and transformation.”

Employees that are 70 per cent engaged are by far the most profitable, Mr Wright said.

“The more incredible talent that workplaces can attract, the more successful they will be as an organisation.”

The ITAC 2018 Conference took place at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 21-22 November.

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  1. Pay staff a descent wage . Government funding straight to pay staff more. This will get rid of abusers.

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