Kevin Doughty
Dr Kevin Doughty

AUDIO: If an aged care provider cannot deliver the smart solutions its clients or representatives want as part of a rounded service they are going to miss out, says an international expert.

Providers should educate their workforce and give them the tools to be one step ahead of their customers, Dr Kevin Doughty, director of the Centre for Usable Home Technologies Universities of Coventry, Newcastle and York, told Technology Review.

Dr Doughty was in Australia for a number of workshops and presentations including the recent ACSA/IAHSA Joint Conference in Perth where he spoke on improving the quality of smart assistive technology deployment and services for older people.

Ahead of his presentation, Dr Doughty spoke to Natasha Egan about how the new level of consumer choice and expectation meant providers needed to adapt quickly to deliver the high-tech solutions seniors would demand:

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