Providers encouraged to take part in clinical software survey

A survey is underway to better understand the use of clinical software in residential aged care homes.

Residential aged services are invited to take part in a national survey investigating the uptake of clinical software and its impact on resident outcomes.

Aged care technology peak body Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council is undertaking the survey in partnership with the Australian Digital Health Agency.

It aims to identify what clinical software residential aged care facilities in all locations are using, how they are using it and the impact it has on resident outcomes.

ACIITC chair of the National Home Care Group Anne Livingstone said there has been little research in this area and this survey aimed to provide a snapshot in time.

“We don’t have a benchmark in time about the uptake of this software and also whether being sophisticated in your use of clinical platforms is assisting in improving the quality and safety of the services you provide,” Ms Livingstone told Australian Ageing Agenda.

“We’re looking at particularly the types of software that are used, its success and contribution to greater levels of quality and safety and high level of outcomes for individuals,” Ms Livingstone said.

Anne Livingstone

The survey will also look at the level of integration between aged care clinical software and the broader health system including general practitioners.

The 30-minute survey targets those who know most about the facility’s clinical software or are involved in clinical reporting, Ms Livingstone said.

“It may be the clinical staff or it may be others but we think it’s the person that’s involved in their clinical reporting that we want to get a view of what they’re doing in their daily routine, and how they’re using and what systems they’re currently using.”

She said the survey results would be used to develop a report for the ADHA to inform the agency’s plans to drive future programs in improving the digital environment in aged care.

Ms Livingstone said she hoped the survey would lead to and investment roadmap and inform providers about their situation and effective platforms.

“We can let the industry know about those who have exceeded the benchmark… as well as help organisations who are less digitally mature to understand what some of the key factors will be to invest in platforms that will improve the quality effectiveness and efficiency of data collection in the clinical realm,” she said.

The survey closes 28 April and the ACIITC is due to report to the ADHA by 30 May.

Access the Residential Aged Care Facilities Use of Clinical Software National Survey here.

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