Radar technology unobtrusively monitors residents

CARETEQ has launched a non-intrusive fall monitoring solution Powered by the SOFIHUB platform that uses radar technology to detect movement.

Aged care technology company CARETEQ has launched a non-intrusive monitoring solution to detect falls and movement patterns.

The solution, eazense Powered By SOFIHUB, is a nearable that uses radar technology and artificial intelligence to monitor falls around the clock.

It can detect movement within four metres and the unique presence of multiple occupants in a room. The technology was launched in September and expands on CARETEQ’s assisted living technology SOFIHUB, which monitors seniors living at home.

It connects to the SOFIHUB cloud portal, which provides access to real-time monitoring on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

CARETEQ vice president of global sales and marketing Trevor Rooney said eazense Powered By SOFIHUB’s radar technology is a point of difference to other monitoring solutions.

“Traditional falls detection solutions rely on a wearable device at all times and can sometimes be triggered unintentionally,” Mr Rooney told Australian Ageing Agenda.

If a fall occurs or irregular movement is detected, the eazense system notifies staff or carers via SMS or a third-party monitoring system. It also sends alerts if activity levels are outside of normal routines.

eazense Powered by SOFIHUB device

Another point of difference is that it is camera-free, fully automated and contactless, Mr Rooney said.

“Think of this as a smoke alarm in the corner of the room albeit monitoring falls,” he said.

Mr Rooney said eazense Powered By SOFIHUB can help minimise the number of checks needed by time-poor care workers.

“A simple check in via our SOFIHUB portal can provide enough data to indicate wellbeing.

 “This is especially beneficial to aged care facilities looking to bring costs down whilst continuing to provide uninterrupted care,” he said.

Main image: eazense Powered by SOFIHUB in a bedroom

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