Whether healthcare CEOs should have performance targets for managing their information assets is up for debate at this week’s Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Conference.

The two-day event from digital health peak HISA aims to share knowledge on the technology, science and applications required to leverage information collected by healthcare services and research institutes with publicly available data to improve health services and patient outcomes.

Aged care industry stalwart and Intel Australia health and life sciences lead George Margelis will try to convince delegates that every healthcare CEO should have a key performance indicator (KPI) for how they manage and get value out of their information assets.

He will be joined on the affirmative team by Sydney Local Health District chief executive Dr Teresa Anderson and Associate Professor Trish Williams from Edith Cowan University’s School of Computer and Security Science.

Kathy Campbell, director at Ockham Consulting, eHealth NSW director innovation, strategy and architecture Dr Michael Costello and Associate Professor Karin Verspoor from the Department of Computing and Information Systems at University of Melbourne will argue in the negative.

Elsewhere, delegates will hear about new and emerging data tools for improving patient outcomes, issues and solutions related to using large amounts of data, and how the groundswell of patient-collected personal data will contribute in the new era of open information.

This year’s conference also features a masterclass program with four 90-minutes workshops on:

  • data analytics
  • big data tools
  • statistical analysis
  • data visualisation

Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Conference 2015 takes place from 20 – 21 October at the Swissôtel, Sydney.

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