An online platform for the community care sector to learn and access best-practice resources and expertise on smart assistive technologies has been launched in Brisbane this week.

The Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative aims to raise awareness and promote the use of smart assistive technologies (SAT) in service provision through practical examples, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The site will showcase the latest local, state, national and international SAT applications, links and resources and is being developed by Community Resourcing with funding from the Queensland Government.

It was formally launched on Tuesday by the Member for Pine Rivers, Nicky Boyd, during a workshop on incorporating new models of care using current and emerging technologies with world-leading advisor Dr Kevin Doughty from the UK.

An expert reference committee made up of service providers, researchers, carers and clients, academics and interested individuals has been appointed to inform the platform.

Anne Livingstone, who is research and development lead at Community Resourcing and chair of the international expert reference group, said the focus on local, national and international community care practices and experiences ensured participants could access leading edge and contemporary information.

Speaking with Natasha Egan ahead of the launch, here Ms Livingstone explains more about the platform and why community care providers should get involved:

See to register or find out more about the collaborative.

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