The industry’s new cloud solution

ACSA and ACAA have joined forces with NEC to launch a cloud computing platform for aged care providers.

Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) and Aged Care Association Australia (ACAA) have made an agreement with NEC Australia to boost cloud computing in the sector.

NEC has developed an industry endorsed platform that will allow residential and community providers to access hosted software solutions at reduced costs.

The platform will be hosted at NEC’s data centres, enabling providers to cut down set-up costs for IT projects.

The CEO of Aged Care Association Australia, Rod Young, said the cloud software would give aged care organisations greater flexibility and choice.

“Many aged care providers have been introducing IT systems to support staff in daily care and administration activities,” he said.

“However, making decisions about software products can be difficult and once IT systems are in place, they can be even more difficult.

“To assist aged care providers with such issues, ACSA & ACAA have entered into a relationship with NEC to provide a hosting service for a variety of software products, aged care provider data, integrated telephony and 24/7 technical support.”

The head of NEC’s Health and Aged Care Division, David Cooke, said the project was geared towards boosting productivity within the sector.

“Integrated applications, telephony, and secure data management can make the delivery of care more efficient and cost effective, but until now they may have been out of reach for many aged care organisations,” he said.

The industry groups and NEC believe the cloud computing project will play an important role in the development of e-health services in aged care.

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