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A technology forum at an upcoming conference will offer aged care providers practical tools to help them understand, plan for and implement technologies that promote better ageing.

A technology forum at an upcoming conference will offer residential and home aged care providers practical tools to help them understand, plan for and implement technologies that promote better ageing.

The forum includes several international case studies that feature selection tools for e-health records, medication management, telehealth and remote monitoring systems and the case for “theraputainment”.

The US LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) and the International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (IAHSA) is running the learning and networking event at the joint IAHSA and Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) conference in Perth.

CAST is an international coalition of 400-plus technology companies, aged services organisations, research institutions, and government representatives working to expedite the development, evaluation and adoption of emerging technologies that can improve the ageing experience.

Executive director Majd Alwan will share practical, hands-on tools CAST has developed to help providers better understand, plan for, select and implement appropriate technologies. 

“Technology Forum participants will also hear about case studies and field evaluations that CAST has collected to help providers learn from pioneering technology adopters,” Mr Alwan said.

The US and Australian case studies include:

  • “EHR Selection Tool and Provider Implementation Case Study,” presented by Mr Alwan and Josh Hansen, director of technology services at Western Home Communities, a LeadingAge member and CAST Associate in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
  • “Medication Management Selection and Provider Implementation Case Study,” presented by Mr Alwan, Kelvin Neave, manager of projects, office and procurement, Heidi Dowse, manager of clinical, quality and compliance, and pamela woolgar, quality consultant, Aged Care Plus support services at The Salvation Army in Sydney.
  • “Telehealth and RPM Selection Tool and Provider Implementation Case Study,” presented by CAST ageing services technologies manager Scott Code and three representatives of Silver Chain, Carole Bain, general manager of country services; Lee Davis, chief information officer; and Joanne Smith, support manager of research.
  • “The Case for Theraputainment Technology: Provider Case Study,” presented by John Hansen of Western Home Communities, Jack York, CEO at CAST supporter It’s Never 2 Late, and Stuart Kaplan, president and CEO of Selfhelp Community Services, a LeadingAge member and CAST patron in New York.

IAHSA executive director Katie Smith Slone said the international flavour of the technology forum would help participants broaden their professional networks to include information technology professionals working in aged services organisations in a variety of countries.

“Providers of aged care around the world, including the United States, face similar challenges as they prepare to serve a growing older population,” said Ms Sloan.

“IAHSA is committed to giving these providers the technology-related information they need to tackle change and spur innovation within their organisations and their countries. We’re also eager to help providers acquire a global peer network that will continue to support them after the forum is over.”

Mr Alwan said CAST was looking for partners interested in building and growing such technology networks in different parts of the world and could offer support in setting up.

The CAST-IAHSA Technology Forum takes place on 31 August at the IAHSA/ACSA conference, which runs from 31 August to 4 September. Australian Ageing Agenda is a media partner for the event.

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