workplace violenceAUDIO: Almost one in three reported incidents in community care involve aggressive or violent behaviour, while around one in 10 involve personal danger. However, the situation could be much worse because incident reporting is heavily under-reported in most organisations.

That’s according to Travis Holland, managing director of Holland Thomas and Associates, who spoke at the Elephant in the Room aged care conference on Tuesday about managing the risks of aggression and violence in the community aged care workplace.

After his presentation he spoke with AAA’s Natasha Egan about the prevalence and types of aggressive and violent behaviours in home and community care and how organisations could start to address the situation:


While standalone technology, such as versions of pagers and phones, was already being used to help this mobile workforce keep safe on the job, Mr Holland said the future was in smartphone applications.

Here he talks about the app My Safety Buddy, which they have developed:


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