VR start-up launches new aged care service

Aged care entertainment provider SilVR Adventures has launched a new national self-service model for residential care facilities.

Aged care entertainment provider SilVR Adventures has launched a new national self-service model for residential care facilities.

Melbourne-based start-up SilVR Adventures began providing tailored immersive virtual reality experiences to groups of aged care residents in Victoria last year.

It involves a SilVR Adventures team member taking equipment to a facility to guide a group session with residents, who wear a VR headset, through one of a range of scenarios, such as exploring the Great Pyramids of Giza, the laneways of Rome, or outer space.

The new self-service offering can provide an aged care facility anywhere in Australia with everything required to run their own unlimited group virtual reality sessions including:

  • 10 VR headsets
  • software to deliver content to multiple headsets in group format
  • access to a library of VR content images, videos and readymade session scripts for the lifestyle team to deliver
  • training on all aspects above and ongoing support.

SilVR Adventures CEO Colin Pudsey said the key benefits of the self-service offering were flexibility and value.

“A facility can run unlimited sessions per month, for an unlimited number of residents and this is great for facilities with higher numbers of residents who want to participate in sessions regularly,” Mr Pudsey told Australian Ageing Agenda.

The VR program aim to improve resident engagement and happiness and reduce isolation, he said.

They do this through three types of experiences:

  • reminiscence therapy to trigger memories and conversations, such as revisiting a childhood home or country they emigrated from
  • world travel, such as exploring Paris, swimming with dolphins or going on an African Safari, to leave the aged care home and create social interaction with fellow residents
  • family bonding to overcome allow residents to experience adventures with visiting family members, such as watching a sunrise or the Aurora Borealis together

All SilVR Adventures services help providers bring virtual reality to their residents in group format rather than one on one.

“We’ve found the group setting gives residents and friends more confidence to take part in activities, offers shared experiences, enjoyment and stories and most importantly significantly drives social interaction and engagement among residents, caregivers and family members,” Mr Pudsey said.

“Most facilities tell us, that their residents are talking about where they have been and what they have done for days after.”

The new self-service options is available anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. The direct-service is currently available in Victoria only.

Find out more on SilVR Adventures’ website or by emailing sales@silvradventures.com.au.

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  1. Taking care of the elderly is super important. Governments worldwide should start taking a look at this tech.

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